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"She remembered who she was and the game changed".  - Lalah Deliah

It’s not surprising that this insightful quote is a favourite of jewelry stylist Tammy Dammann, the creative genius behind Plein De Vie designs.  Essentially, the sentiment therein parallels her own personal transition. After excelling for over two decades in corporate management, Tammy decided to relinquish the relentless, fast-paced business world and follow her passion for a more meaningful, introspective life amidst the natural splendor of Canada’s British Columbia.

“From the lush forests to the roaring oceans with their beautiful beaches to the majestic   mountains, all the sounds and smells bring me so much happiness and contentment. The   incredible beauty of our natural world is so overwhelming that my heart just wants to explode   with gratitude that I am a part of it all.” 

It wasn’t long before this talented artist began using the inspiration she found in her stunning natural surroundings to explore the innate creativity that had brought   her such joy in the past. Tammy had always been intrigued by jewelry and, before relocating, she had collaborated with a local artisan to bring to life three of her   own individual designs. The pure fulfillment and confidence she felt wearing these unique pieces made her realize how important the whole experience was. “I even   loved the sparkle as the light hit each facet of the piece. Just so exquisite!”


Now, she has truly found her niche, personally originating the distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs that make Plein De Vie the superlative, sought-after jewelry it is    today.  Effortless, timeless, and classic, Tammy’s array of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings is breath-taking, each piece meriting its own name and    embodying    the natural grandeur that sparked its creation.


“As I began to leave behind one part of my life and transition to a new one, I knew that I had to find a way to share my passion for creative inventiveness with my customers. I want every woman who chooses a Plein De Vie design to feel exceptional, outstanding, literally a force to be reckoned with, while reveling in the simple pleasure of wearing something that so beautifully reflects her authentic self.”

Plein de Vie Jewelry

Joyful artistry inspired by the earth’s magnificence

Reflections of the artist…


Have you ever found yourself thinking back to a memory of just really being happy enjoying the simple pleasures of life? For some, this could be sitting on your deck before the world awakens, savouring that fresh cup of coffee while listening to the sounds of the birds. For others, perhaps delight is found in following trails through the trees, hearing the leaves rattle in the wind, or being the first to walk through a field after a snowfall. My moments of pure joy are found in nature. I'm drawn to the vibrant blues, the various shades of green, the dark woods represented in the bark of the tall trees.

After my outdoor adventures with my beloved dog, Marley, I come home to my workshop, and inspiration tickles at me. A choice piece of wood here, a pearl there, blended with some leather and precious metals, the right size of genuine gemstones, maybe a touch of Swarovski crystals, and I am guided to create another artistic innovation. When I have finished designing a new piece, I can already feel the excitement bubbling up in its eventual wearer, even before she lays eyes on its elegance. I believe each handcrafted creation chooses its owner.  

Each piece is full of life or, translated into French, plein de vie.



My gift to you is my passion, originality, and vibrant life experience. I want you to feel “Plein De Vie” every day.


Are you looking for that special, unique piece to enhance your world? Let’s chat to start the process.


My mission is to create exceptional designs that are perfect for you, distinctive creations that will remind you who you really are, jewelry that will be YOUR game-changer!

Plein De Vie Jewelry

Become a force of nature unto yourself!


Our Guarantee

At Plein De Vie Jewelry, all our pieces are 100% guaranteed.  While we strive for absolute perfection, mistakes can happen.  We guarantee quality, convenience and satisfaction with every piece purchased, therefore, we will fix any mistakes / discrepancies / oversights free of charge.  Any sizing issues are excluded from this.  We strive to ensure the customer is happy with the end result and will work with the customer to ensure the pieces meet their expectations.  Customer shall ship all items back to Plein De Vie Jewelry at their expense.