Did you know that when choosing a necklace, the "rule" is the higher the neckline of your outfit, the longer the necklace?

I believe that while "fashion rules" are helpful, once you know the rule, you can give yourself permission to break it.  All I want for you is to feel free that what you're wearing is an enhancement and reflection of you.

Daisy Amaze

Much like playing the childhood game, Loves Me, Loves Me Not, you’ll work your way down the 29-inc..

Flower Cloud

A fabulous floral cluster that’s both light and airy, this 2-inch, 22-gauge silver, hand-cut pendan..


From fearless exhilaration to reflective tranquility, this mermaid’s treasure embodies the ever-cha..


A large, rectangle purpleheart-wood key pendant is the impactful focal point of this distinctively ..

Regrounding Influence

This superlative one-of-a-kind creation features Swarovski aquamarine cube crystals glistening on a..

Soul Seeker

The perfect showcase for this dusky 2-inch mahogany filigree flower pendant, the 27-inch sterling ..

Sterling silver 14g round link 18" necklace tiffany style with toggle clasp and heart

Looking for that statement piece ... this sterling silver 14g round link 18" necklace with toggle cl..

Sterling silver 17" textured oval links and plain round links with filigree circle pendant necklace

Stunning sterling silver textured oval links and circle links 17" necklace with a sterling silver 3D..

Sterling silver 17.5" necklace with glass hearts and sterling textured heart pendant

Sterling silver 20g link 17.5" necklace with ruby red glass hearts and handmade textured heart penda..

Sterling silver 18" wavy bar necklace with swarovski peridot cube crystals with 16x19mm tree pendant

Looking for a one of a kind piece ... this piece is exquisite ... Sterling silver 18" wavy bar neckl..

Sterling silver 18g Necklace with 6mm Bronzite Gemstones and Dragon Fly Buffalo Horn Pendant

Sterling silver 18g links with 6mm bronzite beads and buffalo horn dragon fly round pendant on silve..

Sterling silver 20 inch Necklace with 6mm wood beads and mahogany flower pendant

You will absolutely fall in love with this sterling silver 20g linked necklace with 6mm light wood b..

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